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Sherwood Gardens is located in Northern Baltimore, one block east of the 4100 block of St. Paul Street. Turn east onto East Highfield Road to reach the gardens. The gardens are bounded by East Highfield Road, Underwood Road, Stratford Road and Greenway.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I park?

2 hour residential street parking is available on the streets surrounding Sherwood Gardens. Be sure to not block any of the driveways or you will be towed.

Are dogs allowed?

Yes – Dogs are allowed in Sherwood Gardens but must be kept on a leash at all times and you must clean up after your pets. Please note that there are no trash receptacles or pet waste stations located within the park. We also ask that pet owners use discretion in bringing their dogs to the gardens during peak tulip bloom because of the number of visitors.

Is admission free?

Yes – admission to the gardens is free but we do hope you will consider making a donation. There is no public funding for Sherwood Gardens. The tulips, flowers of summer, perennials, care of the trees and park maintenance depend entirely on donations and volunteers. Please considering in making a donation today.

When is peak tulip bloom?

Typically, peak bloom occurs the last week of April through the first week in May depending on weather conditions. While we cannot predict the bloom with 100% accuracy, we do believe that the 2021 peak bloom may be around middle to late April. The hyacinths are already in bloom as of mid-March 2021. Please visit one of our social media pages to see the latest pictures of our gardens. Follow us on Instagram @sherwoodgardensbaltimore or on Facebook.

Are there public restrooms available?

No – there are no public restrooms located within Sherwood Gardens.

Are the gardens Stroller/Bicycle/Wheelchair accessible?

Please note that Sherwood Gardens does not have any paved pathways or trails.

Is there public transportation nearby?

The closest bus stop to Sherwood Gardens is on North Charles Street (approximately 3 blocks away).

Can we have a picnic on the lawn?

Yes – picnics are allowed on the park’s lawn, but please note that there are no trash receptacles on the park property, there are no public restrooms within the garden, and gatherings of more than 15 people must obtain prior permission. To request permission, please use the event request form. Permission will not be given over the telephone.

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Can I host an event at Sherwood Gardens?

Gatherings of more than 15 people must have prior approval. For additional information – view our event guidelines. All event requests should be submitted using the online event request form. Permission will not be given over the telephone.

Am I allowed to have a photo session in the garden?

Photography for personal use is allowed. All photo sessions require prior permission. For all photo sessions, visitors should follow the park and event guidelines, and not step in the flower beds. To request permission for the use of the Gardens for a photo session, submit an event request form. Permission will not be given over the telephone.

May I use the gardens for commercial purposes?

Over the years we’ve noticed an increase in the number of park visitors using the gardens as a backdrop for video production, photography tours, .etc. Because these commercial activities can be disruptive to other visitors and can interfere with the tranquil, residential nature of the gardens we do not allow the private park to be used for commercial purposes without prior approval. Requests should be submitted using the online event request form. Permission will not be given over the telephone.

Are guided tours available?

Sherwood Gardens does not currently offer guided tours.

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