Master Plan 2021

Since 2014, we have slowly been transforming Sherwood Gardens and Stratford Green back to how it looked during Mr. Sherwood’s stewardship.  This past spring, the Gardens under went final modifications in order to more closely reflect the original bed-lines.  Several beds were linked up to create larger, continuous beds that were evident from old aerial imagery of the Gardens as well as from old photos from the Maryland Center for History and Culture and National Geographic Magazine.  The bed-line modifications have resulted in more sinuous edges that were typical in the past.  Each spring when bed-lines are re-edged, minor modifications within a couple of feet of current bed-lines may be made to ensure pleasing curves remain. All the Master Plan modifications are guided by Olmsted Design Principles.

We are now embarking on the final stages of modification to the park needed to realize the Long Range Master Plan for Sherwood Gardens and Stratford Green.  While many new trees have been planted since 2014, sadly a lot of old trees and shrubbery have been lost.  Many varieties of new trees were planted this fall, and in locations as much as possible, that are in keeping with the historic look of the park.  More trees will be planted in the coming spring and ensuing years to bring back shade to certain areas of the park while not affecting the spectacular tulip display.  An emphasis will be placed not only on canopy shade trees, but also on more spring and summer flowering ornamental trees to help augment the tulip display.  Many azaleas have also declined over the years for varying reasons, and as new shade trees are planted, more and more azaleas and other flowering shrubs will be planted as drifts within some bed areas.  A focus will be on properly placing shrubs and perennials within the critical root zone of trees so that the annual planting of tulip bulbs will not disturb the soil in these areas.  Tulips will continue to be the focus in the leading edges of beds and at varying widths for visual interest.  Drifts of flowering shrubs and perennials along with evergreens and ornamental trees will serve as the backdrop to the tulips and summer annuals.  Summer flowers will continue to replace the tulips in early summer.

The Trustees of Stratford Green and the Guilford Association remain dedicated to the maintenance and care of Sherwood Gardens and its surrounding parkland, Stratford Green, as a tribute to the Olmsteds and John Sherwood as well as a glorious place for all to enjoy life.

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