Photography Requests

Sherwood Gardens & Stratford Green Photography Policy

Photography: We welcome visitors to take casual photographs for their own personal use.

Professional Photography Sessions: All professional photography sessions require a permit, which includes the proposed garden location for the photography. Requested sessions are subject to approval and fees. The photo session must be scheduled and paid for at least 14 days in advance with the Guilford Association Manager. The photographer must have the signed Photography Guidelines and Tripod Use permit with them at the time of the photo session. The Guilford Security Patrol (GSP) may request to see the permit.

Fee: (10 or fewer people) $75/hour;
(11 to 20 people) $125/hour; $175.00/hour (20 or more people)

Photography Guidelines:

  • All photography is at the discretion of Stratford Green, Inc.
  • Photography sessions must not interfere with the enjoyment of Sherwood Gardens’ other visitors
  • Photography may not be staged or take place in the flower beds
  • The use of props or signs is not permitted
  • Portfolio photography for photographers and models is not permitted
  • Changing clothing and photography in bathing suits or lingerie is not permitted
  • Drone use is strictly prohibited in the Park.
  • Should photos be used in any publication, please credit Sherwood Gardens as the location.
  • Any use, reuse, or reproduction by any means for commercial use without the express written consent of Stratford Green, Inc. is strictly prohibited.
  • A film production company that may be approved to use Sherwood Gardens as a setting will be charged an additional fee and shall add Stratford Green as additional insured in regards to the contract and will provide Stratford Green with a certificate of insurance indicating liability coverage.

Please make a donation:

Sherwood Gardens is owned by Stratford Green, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. The Gardens are managed and cared for by Stratford Green, Inc. with the assistance of the Guilford Association, Guilford residents and friends of the Gardens. Tax-deductible donations for the care and maintenance of the Gardens may be sent to:

Stratford Green, Inc.,
c/o The Guilford Association, Inc.
4200 Saint Paul Street, Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21218


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