Tulip Display

Each year Sherwood Gardens puts on a unique and glorious display of tulips of many varieties, all imported from Holland. The tulips occupy over 28 beds spread throughout the six acres of Sherwood Gardens. Our Tulip Guide Map will give you a glimpse of what is in bloom. (Click to Download/View the 2022 Tulip Guide.) Depending on the weather the last week of April is prime viewing time! View our event schedule for more information.

Tulip Dig

To make room for the flowers of summer and to help prepare for the next year’s tulips every Saturday of Memorial Day weekend the Annual Tulip Dig attracts tulip and other bulb lovers from far and wide to dig up, buy and take home their favorite bulbs to enjoy. Some people use them as gifts for their fellow tulip loving friends and family. View our event schedule for more information.

Summer Flowers

The tulip beds turn into a new array of summer flowers and perennials every year. Sherwood Gardens hosts various summer flower events by providing a venue for Baltimore professional landscape design firms to display their craft and by partnering with other institutions, such as the Y of Central Maryland, to further our educational mission and theirs. The result is a beautiful and inviting space for families and friends to enjoy themselves. View our event schedule for more information.

Music In The Gardens

Music in the Park includes concerts by the Baltimore School of Music’s instructors and students as well as other musicians invited by Stratford Green to perform from time to time to enhance the enjoyment of Sherwood Gardens. View our event schedule for more information.

Family Day

At the end of the flower season families are invited to walk through the gardens and advise the experts on their favorite flower beds. Often there is an award ceremony with expert judges explaining their decisions. There are activities for young and old, for fun and for learning, with music playing and just maybe a surprise or two! Come join us. View our event schedule for more information.