Sherwood Gardens is owned by Stratford Green, Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. The Gardens are managed and cared for by Stratford Green, Inc. with the assistance of the Guilford Association, Guilford residents and friends of the Gardens. Tax-deductible donations for the care and maintenance of the Gardens may be sent to:

Stratford Green, Inc.,
c/o The Guilford Association, Inc.
4200 Saint Paul Street, Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21218

Donation checks should be made out to Stratford Green, Inc. or donations may be made using the DONATE button on this page. Thank you for supporting Sherwood Gardens!

To Care for
Sherwood Gardens

(Stratford Green, Inc.)

Thank you to our 2016 Donors!

$5,000 and $9,999

Plank DiCarlo Family Foundation
Joseph Mullan Company

$3,000 – $4,999

Greenman Family
Miller Wood Products, Inc
David and Ann Giroux
The Pennyghael Foundation, Inc.


William Rienhoff and Susan Rienhoff
Charles and Charlotte Goodwin
Doug and Erin Becker
James and Mary Miller
Howard and Joan Friedel
Edward Meigs and Gillian Meigs
Charles and Julie Kernan
Barbara Hill and Ancelmo Lopes
Roland Slate


Gerald Malloy and Stacey Malloy
Darrell and Lynda Riley
Douglas Comer and Elizabeth Comer
Patrick and Lori Brady
Anne Hopkins
Kevin and Cathy Gaynor
George Taler and Cyndy Renoff
Barbara Matheson
Nancy Ekelund and Jeff Mason
Jane and James Webster
Tom and Robin Hobbs
Merritt and Adam Miller
Medstar Health
Jonathan and Gail Fishman


Thomas Weisser and Margaret Alton
Vivien and David Coombs
Maggie Bruck and Roy Wise
Frederick and Sherry Wilke
Ron and Anne Heaton
Mark and Lisa Kaufman
Nick Ciotti and Robin Ciotti
Thomas Dorsey
Richard Lewin
Steve and Anne Simms
Michael Olmstead and Michelle Olmstead
Merritt and Adam Miller
Seth Stevens and Scott Stanton
Bruce and Pam Babij
Hartley and Randal Etheridge
Johns Hopkins
Valerie Suslow and David Ardis


Bill and Jane Rivers
Linda and John Hutchins
Paul Fowler and Frank McNeil
Michael Williams and Meredith Williams
Christine Schmitt and Peter Lees
Ritchie and Nanci Sebeniecher
Charles E. and Betsy M. Bryan
Rosemary and Robert Digney
Stephen Parker and Virginia Larsen
Bernard Ferrari and Linda Ferrari
Douglas Watson and Estelle Gauda
Benjamin and Elmeretta Shelton
Michael and Andrea Dennehy
Peter and Paula Burger
Stephen and Carole Argo
Peter and Christine Espenshade
Cathy Boyne and Douglas Perry

$100-$249 (continued)

Melissa McDiarmid
James Denvil and Deborah Hazlett
Margo and Ken Bates
Alan and Lisa Garten
Ronald and Gail Spahn
Carver Green
Robert Kuhlmann and Deborah Williams
Paul and Sharon Smith
Charles Browne and Rod Cook
Greg and Calvina B. Pease
Jared and Francie Spahn
Larry S. and Diana L. Gibson
Dawana and Devereaux Sterrette
Lori Gladstone and Pebble Kranz
Mark Chartrand and Hugh Jaramillo
Mark McMullen and James Morrison
Matthew Bright and Kimberly Gibson

$100-$249 (continued)

Van Dixon and Glenn Schwartz
Marsha and Bernard Shutty
Jay and Manju Gopal
Jon Meyerle and Catherine Meyerle
Rolf Barth and Carrie Barth
Tony Guerrerio and Pam Guerrerio
Michael O’Pecko and Dyer Bilgrave
Benjamin Hoffman and Bridget Hoffman
Fred and Peggy Wolf
Tom and Peggy Brennan
H. Mebane and Ivana Turner
Bruce and Patrice Preston
Jerry and Carrie Thornbery
Tim Holland and Thomas McCray-Worrall
George and Tom Nager
Payne and Pamela Hindsley
Alex Fine and Mandy Fine

Up to $99

Ralph Partlow and Jeanette Glose
Gilliane Isabelle
Bernard and Maliene Wajer
Peggy and Don Greenman
Anne Barone
Millicent Tyler
William P. and Katherine C. Murphy
Amethyst Spivak and Stanislav Spivak
Patricia and Norman Payne
Jacqueline and Mark Donowitz
William and Ann Hughes

Up to $99 (continued)

Anne Dugan
Charles Peace and Frederick Thomas Jr.
Amy and Booker Jones
Clarinda Harriss
Allen and Carolyn Baron
Jay and Naudane Philips
Sophia Rosol and Joseph Rosol
Mt Royal Garden Club
Tori Caverly
Jacqueline Toner
Mary Ellen Nessler

If your donation is missing we apologize and ask that you help us correct the error by contacting our Office Manager at 410-889-1717. Thank you.